As a family photographer, I have the privilege of capturing some of life's most precious moments. Last week, I had the honor of documenting a Fresh 48 session for a beautiful family welcoming their newest addition, baby Margot, into the world. But before diving into the heartwarming details of our session, let's talk a bit about what a Fresh 48 session is and why it holds such importance.

What is a Fresh 48 Session and Why is it Important?

A Fresh 48 session is a unique opportunity to capture the raw, authentic moments within the first 48 hours of a newborn's life. Unlike traditional newborn photoshoots, which are often staged and planned, Fresh 48 sessions focus on the genuine emotions and connections that emerge naturally in those early hours. From the first cuddles to the tiny fingers and toes, these sessions freeze in time the fleeting moments of a newborn's earliest days. They offer families a chance to preserve memories that can quickly fade in the whirlwind of those precious first hours, creating treasured keepsakes to cherish for a lifetime.

I've had the privilege of accompanying this wonderful family on their journey since the beginning, and I hope to continue capturing their milestones for many years to come. They initially reached out to me to capture their gender reveal, an intimate moment with just the two of them where we discovered that a precious baby girl was on the way. Then we had the maternity session amidst blooming flowers, which was nothing short of magical as we celebrated the impending arrival of little Margot.

Welcoming Margot into the world during our Fresh 48 session was a truly unforgettable experience. The love and joy radiated from her parents as they held her close. It was evident that their hearts were overflowing with love for their newest family member. Capturing these precious moments was a privilege, and I cannot wait to continue documenting their journey as we embark on our newborn photoshoot in the coming weeks.

As I reflect on my time with this incredible family, I am filled with gratitude for the opportunity to document their journey and preserve these precious moments for generations to come!

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